I am Phil. I like to travel and I like to take photographs. I hope you like them too.

I travel on my Surly Longhaul Trucker. My trusty cycle that takes me off the beaten track.

I’ve been travelling for most of my adult life. I’ve met some fantastic people in fantastic countries.

In each place I’ve visited I’ve tried to capture its essence on camera. The remoteness of the Australian outback, the mountains of Asia and South America.  As you’re reading this, there’s every chance I’m travelling right now. As of November 2017 I plan to cycle down East Africa. I’ll upload photographs from the trip at every chance I get. If you’re interested have a look and have a read. If you’re not, find someone who is and tell them. And then tell to them to buy one of the photographs on here.

I hope you enjoy my work. Who knows, it might even inspire someone to get on their own bike and see what’s out there, because I have and it’s great.